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The Bind Spectrum

What’s up fighters?! Today I wanted to go over another way to approach and analyze the bind. That is with the bind spectrum, which was initially taught to me by Scott Farrell of Chivalry Today. It is a tool we use when doing bind work to define the pressure we receive through fuhlen, or feeling,Continue reading “The Bind Spectrum”

Three Aspects of the Bind

When approaching our art and doing my best to understand and explain it I like to break down the concepts into smaller parts to make them easier to grasp. Often newer fencers go all in on one thing and I hope to introduce a little more nuance. With bind work I like to separate itContinue reading “Three Aspects of the Bind”

Bind Intro

What’s up fighters?! Today I would really like to introduce you to one of my favorite aspects of medieval fencing. That is, The Bind!! The bind, or roughly speaking, when two swords come into and remain in contact with one another, is a big focus of German Longsword. It is quick, it is artful, andContinue reading “Bind Intro”

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